Hollywood Ghosts by Stevie Dacanay in Hollywood, California, USA

Think of Los Angeles as a massive turn-style at the gates of the entertainment industry. They come by the thousands every year to capture that elusive deal that propels them to the almighty fortune and fame. Sadly, and not necessarily because of lack of talent, most are turned right around and head back to their respective upbringings. Maybe not their time, maybe the planets didn’t align. Some folks stick it out and get their 15 minutes, some get more. Then there’s other folks that trudge the road of happy destiny and live this life in Hollywood obscurity: I call ’em ghosts. Aging, fabulous entertainers, a lot of heart, and a lotta crazy. Reluctantly stuck in this Hollywood limbo, convinced that their big break is right around the corner.

I shot this right off of Hollywood Boulevard, where I see the most ghosts for some reason. I would love to say I planned this moment, but in reality, this was one of those beautiful mistakes. I got out of my car, saw an older grey haired woman (dressed for the Oscars), waving her hands and talking to herself. I just simply waited til she stepped into the light.

Name:Stevie Dacanay

Place you live: Los Angeles, CA

Place your photo was taken: Hollywood, CA

Occupation: Plate Spinner, Crowd Pleaser and Hollywood survivor. Stevie’s Tour Diary

Preoccupation: Finding a lab on the road that still develops B&W. But usually just finding a clean restroom.

A perfect day? Everyday. Seriously.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Take Fountain. It’s faster and you’ll get to do more.

A perfect meal? My girl and my dog, Take Out (I’ve got a long list), and a movie in my loft, pretty simple.

A little known fact about where you live? That I actually live there.