Spiritual Quest of Wonder by Jeremy Jansen in High Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Name:Jeremy Jansen

This photo was taken in the largest park within the greater Toronto area. High Park spans 398 acres. She’s massive and it’s easy to get lost within her gnarly valleys, winding gullies and overgrown clearings. Here, at one of the great monuments, a gang of locals ready themselves as they are about to embark on a spiritual quest of wonder, far beyond the reaches of our physical world.

Toronto Canada has been my home for the past 5 years.

I work professionally as a photographer while occasionally, for example, I find the time to meticulously staple and age 50,000 staples in a 9 ft plank of wood to resemble a “gig-telephone pole”  – I call it art.

This city rules. Not only does it have epic nearby parks with good public art to party on, it also has the only real castle in all of North America, Casa Loma.

If I could, I would hang out on the train tracks and eat the spicy veal (w/cheese) sandwich from Tony & Nick’s everyday.