Home by Josh Brine in Portland, Oregon, USA

Three and half years ago I packed my car and headed north. Little did I know, I would find home. Within moments I fell in love with this place: the coffee, the beer, the waterfalls, the coast, the people whom actually want to know how you’re doing when asked “how are you?”. It’s a place filled with inspiration and authenticity (not to mention I met my now-wife only two weeks after arriving. So game over there). Over the years when friends and family ask me why I live here and why I love it so much it has always been difficult to put into words. I just had to show them. And this was my attempt at that.

Name:Josh Brine

Occupation: Videographer

Preoccupation: Husband, Manchester United Fan, Whiskey Enthusiast

Can you sum up Portland? Portland is lush with the smell of coffee, beer and cut-green-grass. It’s carved between the mountains snow and the pacific’s ocean. It’s a place where one can escape; a place overflowing with adventure and curiosity. Though, at the end of the day, it’s the people here that make it worthwhile. I’ve never met a better community: those living life for one another, rather than mere self gain.

A perfect Portland, Oregon day? A day in late spring. In the morning: coffee and a zucchini muffin at Albina Press with my wife. In the afternoon: we walk to Laurelhurst Park with our dog, Hank. And in the evening: we spend time with our friends making dinner together, drinking good beer, and playing rumikub while listening to “the best of the 90’s” pandora station.

Occupation: Videographer

Preoccupation: Husband, Manchester United Fan, Whiskey Enthusiast

What is the best thing about your spot? People, coffee, beer and food.

What is the worst? 30 days straight of overcast weather. I enjoy the weather here, though occasionally in the winter the sun will hide for 30 days straight. And that sucks around day 20.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? Portland is one of the few destinations outside of France where you can take your dog into a pub

Before I die I want to visit: Most of Europe. Specifically the places CS Lewis called home and gained inspiration in England and Ireland

Who are three of your favorite artists? Most of my friends are my favorite artists. But, if I had to choose at least one whom others know of, Wes Anderson.



Name:Josh Brine


Favorite place to eat:

Laurelhurst Market

Favorite place to drink:

Bar: Horse Brass, Cafe: Albina Press

Local Tip:

Hair of the Dog have one the best beers you’ll ever try. It’s called Adam.

Must Do:

Visit the snow and beach on the same day. Then drink an “Adam” at Hair of the Dog.