#snow by Melissa Dilernia in Fenton, Michigan, USA

Melissa Dilernia is part of the brave new school of instagramers posting full-frame images opposed to the app’s default square format, and boy is she good at it.  Giving us full-frame after full-frame of clean and pristine Midwest goodness.  Be sure to check out her Instagram feed @melissasue and follow along to see all four of Michigan’s beautiful seasons.

Name:Melissa Dilernia

Place you live: Fenton, Michigan, USA

Place your Instagrams were taken:  The ones labeled Fenton are from my hometown, the ones labeled Milford were taken on my commute to work, and the ones labeled Northville are taken in the next town over from where I work.  I take the back roads as often as I can.

Can you sum up the place you Fenton? It is a cozy town that changes with the seasons.

For the visitor?  Go to the Fenton Museum

Best meal in the city? If you’re low maintenance, Fenton House, but if you want something a little more fancy, The French Laundry. Either way, get yourself some Fenton House breadsticks!

How long have you been using Instagram? About a year and a half

What camera phone do you use to shoot? iPhone 4

Editing process?/What apps do you use, if any to edit your photos? Afterglow or VSCO Cam

Do you create images outside of instagram? Yes

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? It has made me fall in love with photography in a new way and has really inspired my to shoot for myself.  My environment has taken on new life.

Does your feed differ from your work outside of Instagram? Yes, I do portrait photography for work, but with Instagram, I can focus on finding beauty in my everyday surroundings.  I very rarely feature people in my Instagram photos.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? This changes constantly as I find more and more amazing photographers out there, but for the moment I’d say @kevinruss @ashley_meiners, and @bijouxself.  So many creative geniuses working magic with their camera phones!