Honest Eds by Drew Shannon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Honest Eds is an independently-owned department store, and a Toronto phenomenon. Opened in 1948 by “Honest” Ed Mirvish, Honest Eds not only has the best deals in town, but also ANYTHING you could possibly need, from corkscrews, ball caps, stockings and power tools, to shoes, Elvis busts, cosmetics, and even a Dentist’s Office. Upon Stepping inside the huge storefront located at Bathurst St and Bloor St, customers are bombarded by bright, hand-lettered signs boasting big savings, and famous Honest Ed’s Slogans, such as “Don’t Just Stand There, Buy Something!” After getting lost in piles upon piles of stuff spanning 3 floors and an entire city block, you usually come out of there with something you never knew you needed, but were happy to find at Honest Eds. “Honest Ed Is No Midwife, But The Bargains He Delivers Are Real Babies!”

Name:Drew Shannon

Place you live: Toronto, Canada

Place your postcard is designed for: Toronto, Canada

Can you sum up Toronto? Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, and is Canada’s hub to the world. It’s incredibly diverse and there’s always something to do, some new borough to explore, and some new experience to be had. No matter what you’re background, interests, or tastes, you’ll find an accepting community where you can flourish, and pursue your dreams.

Occupation: Illustrator

Preoccupation: Used Book Stores, and playing guitar with my band

A perfect day in Toronto? I love getting up early, making a coffee in my little Bialletti, and then hopping on my bike and going for an adventure. The city is so easy and fast to get around on a bike, and there’s always a funky cafe to stop and have a bite and do some drawing. In the evenings after making a big meal with my house mates, there’s always a show, either to see, or to play, and plenty of good company.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? If someone is visiting, they should really just pick a neighborhood and go exploring. You’re guaranteed to find: 1. something historically significant, 2. a great, unique place to eat, 3.  a cool shop or two, and 4. a some sort of park or green space.

A perfect meal in the Toronto? The perfect meal is usually something authentic and comes out of nowhere when you need it most, Like Smoke’s Poutine at 2AM after a few pints. Or All-you-can-eat sushi after a long day at work.

What is the best thing about Toronto? The Best? Hmm Probably the fact that the city still holds so many mysteries. I truly believe you could live here your whole life and find out something you never knew every day.

And the worst? We have this Mayor….

A little known fact about Toronto? Today, Yorkville is a trendy downtown shopping area but it was once a cemetery for those who could not afford a church burial; the cemetery was removed in the 1870s, but human remains keep turning up at every modern-day Yorkville construction project.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Where ever my feet are.

Who are your three favorite designers/illustrators? Josh CochranRaymond BeisingerAlex Gorodskoy.