In Winter Arms by Stephen Krawiec in Point Pleasant, New Jersey

The New Jersey coast better known to many as the Jersey Shore holds some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Summers are filled with hundreds of tourists a day coming to experience the beauty of the beaches, as well as the true feeling of summer. Small town communities are what make this location so great. If you’re planning a visit I’d definitely make it a summer destination! When the cold sweeps in and winter storms start to develop, that’s where my eyes are drawn to the ocean. With each passing storm a new swell moves in and prompts for a freezing, but worth it run to the ocean to surf. Surfing is best in the winter with the development of Nor’Easters and any small winter storms that develop. I’m drawn into cold water surfing and the lifestyle that follows. There’s something about the moodiness and remoteness of it. With winter in full arms you connect with the locals on a different level than being here amongst the crowds during the summer. To me, you really get to see the true beauty that lies beneath all the beach goers and visitors. You see it for what it is, and I can promise you it’s not disappointing.

Name:Stephen Krawiec



I’m an adventurer through and through. Camping, hiking, mountain biking, body surfing, skateboarding, exploring new landscapes and areas, I love to be outside amongst nature and all the beauty it has to offer!

Tell us about the Jersey Shore:

Where I live is a mix of suburban living intertwined with a bit of city. Just take a ten minute drive and you’re completely lost in the city, but take the right turn and in those same ten minutes you can be surrounded by farm lands and open fields. It’s the best of both worlds I suppose even though my heart longs for remoteness. It’s filled with hard working individuals and is a very contrast place to live.

A perfect day?

A perfect day for me would be to get out on an adventure. Whether it’s exploring the historic farm lands and trails around my home, or packing up and taking the hour drive to the beach to search for a wave or two with some close friends. I’d shoot some inspiring photographs while out just having fun. As long as I’m surrounded by good vibes and can do what I love, it’s a perfect day!

What is the best thing about the Jersey Shore?

The best thing about this area has to be the small town communities. When the surf is good it’s good, but nothing beats the local people who are always welcomed to sharing a story or two. These small town communities are so full of life and it’s definitely a top reason I keep going back.

What is the worst?

The long dreaded winter days as it can get pretty isolated throughout the winter. With the summer days behind it can get pretty boring if there are no waves or you can’t find the means to get out and explore. During the summers, I’d have to say for a lot of the locals it’s those summer days filled with tourists. Sometimes you really have to push yourself to get out just to find some time for yourself. But hands down, the absolute worst thing about living in this area though the summer months are the beach badges.

What would be surprising about the Jersey Shore to an outsider?

The beaches are by far some of the most beautiful beaches along the coast.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Sondres Forsell, Ben Weiland, Ansel Adams, John Muir.


Name:Stephen Krawiec

City:Point Pleasant

Favorite place to eat:

Surf Taco

Favorite place to drink:

Perks Cafe

Favorite shop:

Beach House Classic Boardshop

Local Tip:

Be as respectful as possible! With thousands of visitors throughout the summer, respect is something I can’t stress enough!

Must Do:

Head down to Point Pleasant beach, it’s in my opinion the best family oriented beach to visit. If you’re coming down in the winter, go for a surf or walk the beach! Just come down and enjoy yourself!