Isolate by Riley Snelling in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

I grew up just 30 minutes away from Toronto in a city called Mississauga. The photograph here is from the Mississauga area. When I was younger and just getting into photography I used to go exploring with a few friends trying to find new places to photograph.

The city of Mississauga itself isn’t anything special but the surrounding areas are quite beautiful if you like to admire simple things in life. If you head south you’ll hit Lake Ontario which is scattered with small parks along the waterfront and if you go north you’ll run into farmland and a few smaller towns. For food I recommend Helens Fish and Chips along Lakeshore and the Green Bean (great coffee) just west of Mississauga on Lakeshore.

Name:Riley Snelling

Place you live: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Place your photos were taken? Mississauga, Ontario, Canada