Mile Grounds by Nathan Ward in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA

I lived in Williamson, West Virginia until last year when I moved a few hours north to Morgantown for college. It is a day and night difference between the two towns. Williamson is dying, it has been slowly withering away for the past 30+ years since a flood hit there in 1977. Morgantown however is going nowhere but up, since West Virginia University was founded in 1867 the town has been in a state of constant expansion that continues today. I like it here a lot, it nice being in a positive atmosphere but at the same time I can get bored pretty easily here. It’s a college town so really its nothing but clubs, sports, and parties to have fun and I’ve never been into any of that. I pretty much take any free time I can get and drive back to towns like Williamson.

Name:Nathan Ward

From: Morgantown, West Virginia

Place your photo was shot: City water tower shot from the airport Mile Grounds.

Occupation: Student/Explorer

A perfect day in Morgantown? The city is booming so there isn’t much in terms of exploration but my friends and I found a few rooftops to go and climb on at night as well as a half submerged coal barge where you can get your feet wet and just hang out all day.

A perfect meal? I am the pickiest eater alive so I’m not the best to ask about where to get food, but if I have to name one spot to go in Morgantown it has to be Munchie’s. I don’t think there is a person around who hasn’t had a late night meal there, best fries in town.

Little know fact? The actor Don Knotts was born here.