Kiefer Sutherland by Michael Tighe in Chateau Maromont Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA

Kiefer Sutherland on the balcony of the Chateau Marmont looking east on Sunset Blvd, Hollywood. Just for the record I am standing on that ledge too. With a camera in front of my face.

Name:Michael Tighe

Place you live: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles

Place your photo was taken: I Shot this on the balcony of the grand suite at the Chateau Maromont Hotel, looking east on Sunset Blvd., Hollywood.

Occupation: photographer, actor, writer

Preoccupation:  …too often with myself.

A perfect day in LA?  It’s never an external event or location for me that makes for a perfect day. It’s being in the creative flow of a project that beckons you to wake up every morning before sunrise eager to get to work because you’re so passionate about it…  be it shooting photos, writing, acting, painting.  It’s being an artist.  Being a channel for the light of creation.  And that can happen anywhere of course, I just happen to live in LA.

A perfect meal? Though I haven’t eaten there in years, one of my favorite meals use to be flannel cakes in the morning at Musso & Franks, Hollywood’s oldest restaurant.  A flannel pancake is an oversized pancake, about a foot in diameter.  You’d sit at the counter, watch the cook grill it right in front of you, served golden brown and really thin with hot melted butter & maple syrup, that and some fresh squeezed orange juice was pretty deeeelish.

A little known fact? My beautiful cat, Sammy, who lived with me and loved me for 16 years is secretly buried in MacArthur Park across the street from where I live.