Natalie Imbruglia by Chris Searl in Sydney, Australia

This image was shot a couple of years ago for Harpers Bazaar magazine for a Wonderland themed issue. Hence the Minnie Mouse ears. We were one of only a few crews ever to be allowed to shoot up there. So it was pretty ridiculous.

Name:Chris Searl

Place you live: Newport, NSW, Australia

Place your photo was taken: On the highest point of the Sydney Opera House sails.

Occupation: Photographer / Magazine Publisher

What was your first job? Folding Pizza Boxes at Pizza Palace.

What is a perfect day in Sydney? Would have to be on the water somewhere.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Try and fight a kangaroo.

What and where is a perfect meal in Sydney? Roast of the day and a schooner at Palm Beach RSL.

What is the best thing about Sydney? And the worst? Best thing is living on the Northern Beaches. But the worst thing would definitely be the drive to the city.

Where is your favorite place in the world? There’s a little bar in Paris I’m pretty comfortable at.