Lazzaretto by Chiara Porcheddu in Alguer, Italy

Going for a dip.

These pictures were shot at the cove of Lazzaretto, very few kilometres from the center of Alghero (Alguer). It’s a 2km stretch of coast made up of 10 small coves and a main beach. No noise and no traffic, just trees and sea. Lazzaretto, which is one of the most renowned beachs in Alguer, owes its name to a building made in 1722, it had been built to isolate all the pest victims of those years. What makes marvelous this beach is the very mild water, the shallow sea for many metres and the rocks around it. Very characteristic is even the town which has kept its catalan style through the centuries, in fact the dialect is Catalan.

Name:Chiara Porcheddu

Place you live: Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

Place your photos were taken: Cove of Lazzaretto (Alguer)

Can you sum up Sassari? The city where I live is situated on the west coast of North Sardinia. The island is renowned for its beautiful beaches and everywhere is surrounded by stunning scenery and views.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: When I drive I stay all the time checking if the handbrake has been removed, that’s how I wrecked a car years ago, after many kilometres of handbrake switched on..

A perfect day in Sassari? The best period of the year is absolutely the spring. Weather is wonderful, sun shines more than ever, there’s hot enough to drive to the beach for a dip, and there’re no as much crowds of tourists as in summer.

For the visitor? Enjoy all the uncontaminated landscapes

A perfect meal in Sassari? The old part of the town is so much full of restaurants and characteristic taverns, typical meal would be with fish or meat, going with a lot of wine

What is the best thing about your spot? Water is amazingly crystalline, sand is white and fine

What is the worst? As the beach is so wonderful most of the times there’s a lot of people

A little known fact about where you live? There are more bars than people

Where is your favorite place in the world? Brazil