Calvert Cliffs by Val Karuskevich in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Calvert Cliffs is a nice place to retreat to from Baltimore. It’s a series of cliffs along the Chesapeake Bay that are next to a prehistoric swamp. The cliffs are constantly eroding away into the bay, and there’s always a lot of beautiful different colors of clay and rocks that come out of it. If you go to the more remote parts of the beach there are fossils and shells littered everywhere.

Name:Val Karuskevich

Place you live: Baltimore, Maryland

Place your photo was taken: Calvert Cliffs

Can you sum up Baltimore? Baltimore is weird and great. We have our own beer  that no one buys outside of Baltimore – so it’s only sold here. everything is very post industrial, we have a lot of vacant homes and we also have a lot of old factories that have been converted into artist live + work spaces. There’s a pretty great music and art scene.

Occupation: Student

Preoccupation: Cyclist

A perfect day in Baltimore? The first day its warm enough to wear shorts again. Early spring, blooming flowers.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? At night – go to a music show at the Copycat or at Floristree. During the day – sit by the Washington Monument and eat sandwiches from Trinacria.

A perfect meal in Baltimore? Anything at Paper Moon.

What is the best thing about your spot? Killer view of the Baltimore skyline and the harbor.

What is the worst? There’s always chicken bones laying around.

A little known fact about where you live? It’s the Greatest City in America

Where is your favorite place in the world? So far – this spot.