Occupy Switzerland by Fabian Unternährer in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its cows, mountains, chocolate, Swiss-army knifes and so on. This picture shows kind of an invert world. The cows broke out and occupied the streets that night. I don’t know, they seemed quite abstract to me…

Name:Fabian Unternährer

Place you live: Bern, Capitol City of Switzerland

Place your photo was taken: Burgdorf, a 20 minute car ride

Can you sum up Bern? It’s protected by the UNESCO world-culture heritage… What else can I say?

Occupation/preoccupation? photography, skateboarding & drawing

What is a perfect day in Bern? There is a river called “Aare” which flows through the city, it’s so proper you can swim in it. In summer you can have a barbecue next to it, chill out with friends, make music, and enjoy life.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? There are loads to do but it still depends what you are searching for, doesn’t it? Check out this website for tips.

A perfect meal in Bern? Let’s say the Tramdepot, you have most marvelous view into the old town, the river, the mountains. There are even some real bears in a little park just beyond it, also the food is really good and the ambience friendly.

What is the best thing about your spot? That I am still discovering Bern even though I’ve been living here for more than ten years.

What is the worst? That I am asking myself if I am dreaming or if my dreams have just become true?

Where is your favorite place in the world? Places tend to be just stages and void facades. It’s the people you meet, experiences, adventures, that is what keeps you alive.