Something Died That Night by Tom Kondrat in Barbican, London, UK

The tunnel in Barbican is usually full of cars and people going to/from work but not on a Sunday night. Even still I encountered a few: some drunk people that wanted to pose for a photograph, police that were after weird behaving photographers and some very annoying taxis that came into the view last second when I finally thought that the tunnel is empty. This photograph is symbolic (at least for me). It was supposed to show the end of an era, open a new chapter in my life. It’s been some time now and I still haven’t started reading this chapter but the photograph stayed. For me it’s full of emotions but some just see it as a metaphor for financial crisis or call me a pussy for lying on the pavement instead of the middle of the road. It’s part of the tunnel project shot in 2009.

Name:Tom Kondrat

Place you live: London, UK

Place your photo was taken: Barbican, London

Can you sum up the place you live? I live in Shoreditch, the home of dickheads.

The area is full of cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants and galleries. It is based between the business city and rough Hackney, my two favourite areas in London. It is definitely worth a visit if you want to check the latest fashion on the streets of London, feel the atmosphere of the local markets on Sunday, or have good night out away from tourists. Also check out the underground and street art (like Banksy).

Occupation: butler

Preoccupation: photographer

A perfect day? every day is a perfect day

A perfect meal in London? Gosh, that depends what you like but one should definitely try a beigel on Brick Lane.

What is the best thing about your spot? Something is always happening here and it’s close to the city

What is the worst? Lots of pretentious pricks and drunk people on the streets. (especially when you are sober)