Leave a Trail, Print from Samuel Castaño in Medellín

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Name: Samuel Castaño

Place you live: Originally from Medellin, Colombia, but currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Occupation: Illustrator and graphic designer.

Preoccupation: Finding things and old papers in the street.

What do you love about illustrating?  The moment when I’m working, thinking, or making drafts and the idea comes out. When the image finally “appears” is a great feeling. Creating images and approaching all kinds of projects with different subjects gives me the opportunity to investigate and learn about all kinds of things. Working with people from around the globe is also pretty stimulating.

How do you see illustration changing in the next 10 years? I hope there will be more people making and sharing things so the production and market for self published books will increase.

Can you offer a few tips to aspiring illustrators? Work to please yourself. Be happy with what you do and the way you do it. Then, if you organize yourself and share your work more, people will notice and appreciate what you do.

Who are three of your favorite illustrators right now? Eduardo Recife, the collage artist from Brazil, is a big influence in what I do. So is Isabelle Arsenault, a children’s books illustrator, and classic artists like Klimt, Schiele, and Gauguin.



Samuel Castaño


Best place to drink:
Poblado Park – a little park surrounded by bars and little shops, where you can buy drinks and hang out in the street.

Best outdoor activity:

Go to some park or take a little road trip to the near towns in the surrounding mountains.

Local Tip:

Talk to everyone, eat everything.

Must do:

Go to a soccer match.