Where City Meets Beach by Lisa Kindberg in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a beautiful city with stunning nature and amazing beaches. I have chosen photos that show the contrast of city and nature. You have the famous – and usually very crowded – Bondi Beach, but just around the corner is the more tranquil and authentic Tamarama Beach. A 30-minutes bus ride gets you to the CBD (Central Business District) with skyscrapers and more suits and ties than you can count. You can take the ferry and see the city, and the famous opera house, from a distance. Manly is one of my favorite places around Sydney. There is a little beach near the main one. As it is far away from any kiosks, there is a little boat coming in every now and then with drinks and icecreams.

Name:Lisa Kindberg

Photographer in a portrait studio.


Skateboarding, nature, art, photography, music, surfing, travel, reading, crochet, food, drinks… and more!

Tell us about Sydney:

Sydney is a multicultural, international city with skyscrapers and a big city vibe, as well as amazing beaches. This mix brings big city people with a laidback style.

A perfect day?

You wake up early and take your board down to the beach. The ocean wind welcomes you and the sound of the waves warms up your morning. Then an amazing breakfast with a smoothie continues this good feeling. You can go to work in a good mood. After work you meet up with some “mates” for “downing a few schooners” (which means meet up with your friends for beers).

What is the best thing about Sydney?

The beaches.

What is the worst?

The size of the city. It takes a long time to travel from one side to another.

If Sydney was a person or character who would it be?

Leonardo in Ninja Turtles.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Henri Cartier-Bresson, D’Angelo and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.


Name:Lisa Kindberg


Favorite place to eat:

The Anchor in Bondi Beach.

Favorite place to drink:

Shady Pines in Surry Hills.

Favorite shop:

All the small local ones in Paddington.

Local Tip:

Go to the beaches around Sydney instead of Bondi Beach. Walk around Paddington for the cafes, shops and art galleries.

Must Do:

Go to the beach for a surf, have a coffee in Surry Hills and take a daytrip to the Blue Mountains.