Light Flood by Toby Price in Nottingham, UK

I took this photo whilst out on an afternoon wander with some friends around Christmas 2010, we caught the Nottingham tram out of town and walked round the woodlands near Bestwood. The sun was dipping down and glorious golden light flooded the woods, illuminating the trees in the distance. I like the long shadows we’re casting in the forground and the lines of the scene meeting at the fire red trees. Taken with an Olympus MJUII using Fujifilm X-TRA 400.

Name:Toby Price

Place you live: Nottingham, Norfolk and Perth (Western Australia). For now, we’ll concentrate on Notts.

Occupation: Material Scientist for a Solar Power company in Perth.

A perfect day in Nottingham? A cycle out into the villages surrounding Nottingham, pub lunch, a swim at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. A good meal with friends and a drink at the King Billy.

A perfect meal? Iberico Nottingham comes close, but nothing beats an entire evening planning preparing and eating at home with my girlfriend.

A little known fact about where you live? It’s nowhere near Sherwood Forest.