Perfect Size by Leo Postma in Delft, the Netherlands

I live in a small town in a small country. Delft, The Netherlands has lots of history, lot’s of old buildings and attracts a lot tourists day in day out. There is just enough to do, to keep you busy. For outsiders it’s a very idillic town. For the people who live there it’s just big enough to do your own thing but small enough for a lot of social connections. You may know a high percentage of the city. And if you get enough of the small town life you can get by car or train, in 15 minutes, to two  big cities (by Dutch standards). So you have almost everything of a big and small city.

Name:Leo Postma

Place you live: Delft, The netherlands

Place your photo was taken: middle in the center at the market square

Occupation: student of illustration

Preoccupation: part time photographer

A perfect day? Fridays

A perfect meal? There are a lot of small restaurants that serve good meals for decent prices, but if you want to eat at real nice restaurants you should travel a bit. Holland is so small you can travel with 3 hours from border to border

A little known fact about Delft? The famous Delft blue porcelain comes from here (or actually we stole the ideas from the Chinese and now they come in mass tourism to see where their product is from). It’s next to the harbor of rotterdam which until five years ago was one of the three biggest harbors in the world.