Little and Much by Kevin Kotur in Chambéry

“When I received my placement to teach English abroad, I was a little worried. Chambéry, France: even after a decade of studying French language and culture, I’d still never heard of it. What could possibly be there? Little and much, as it turns out.”

Learn what Kevin has discovered during his time in Chambéry so far in his audio essay above!

Name:Kevin Kotur

English teaching assistant.


Hiking with everything I need to live with on my back.

Tell us about Chambéry:

Chambéry is a humble city in the French Alps. While humble, it still maintains a strong sense of history, culture, and regional pride. Come visit if you want to tap into the pulse of the French mountain country.

A perfect day?

A perfect day would be waking up before sunrise, summiting a nearby peak by noon, and grabbing a beer in town afterward, all the while enjoying the satisfaction of having done so much in one day.

What is the best thing about Chambéry?

Its authenticity.

What is the worst?

Stores close early and almost nothing is open on Sundays.

What would be surprising about Chambéry to an outsider?

For a city so lively, everything is within walking distance.

If Chambéry was a person or character who would it be?

Chambéry would be that friend of yours who deactivated their Facebook account a year ago and has been living peacefully and freely ever since.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Annie Dillard, Robert Hass, and Father John Misty.


Name:Kevin Kotur


Favorite place to eat:

Restaurant Savoyard. Here you can get a taste of the regional cuisine, without feeling too touristy.

Favorite place to drink:

L’Arbre à Bières. Upside: great regional and local beers served along some pretty good appetizers, all with a Bohemian atmosphere. Downside: it can get crowded, and sometimes you can smell the Bohemian atmosphere.

Favorite shop:

Au Vieux Campeur. Go here to get outfitted for your upcoming alpine adventures.

Local Tip:

Go to the local markets! You can find just about everything, from fresh food to miscellaneous trinkets. There are indoor markets four mornings of the week and a large outdoor market on Saturday.

Must Do:

Visit the castle, meander around the medieval streets, waste some time in a café, and then go explore the surrounding area! Climb some rocks, hike some trails, or shred some powder.