Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, Print From Eleni Kalorkoti

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Name: Eleni Kalorkoti

Preoccupation: Drawing pictures

Place you live: South London

Can you sum up South London? I live in Crystal Palace, a leafy southern part of London where there are monstrous dinosaurs and a giant sloth in the park.

What is your perfect day in South London? A wander along Regent’s Canal, from Little Venice to Broadway market at London Fields (from the canal you can see exotic birds in the Regent’s Zoo aviary and wild dogs and boars in their enclosures). Get something good to eat. Sit in the park or by the canal. See a play in the evening.

What is the best thing about South London? There’s a lovely park. Nice places to eat. There’s a big building full of vintage/antique/junk type market stalls that’s open on the weekends. It’s fun to trawl through for treasure.

What is the worst? 
It’s too far from central London. Everything takes ages to get to.

What would be surprising about South London to an outsider? The dinosaurs!

If South London was a person or character, who would it be? 
Every character created by Dickens. For obvious reasons.


Eleni Kalorkoti

South London

Best place to eat?
I heart Mr Taro and his restaurants. Also, Bone Daddies.

Best place to drink?

Anywhere affordable, which gives you few options here.

Best place to shop?

Gosh! Comics and Orbital Comics.

Local Tip?

Get some cheap day tickets to a play. They’ll be about £10 and you’ll probably have a great time.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

Walk from Paddington to Camden along Regent’s Canal, ogle the big houses, pretty barges and zoo animals along the way.