Merging Rivers by Karen Glaser in Fort White

Florida has a unique system of freshwater springs and rivers. I am in love with these clear and peaceful places. My photographs are my personal view of these alluring waters. My hometown of Fort White is in the middle of these inviting, but often endangered, areas.

Name:Karen Glaser




Tell us about Fort White:

The town itself is nothing to look at, but the natural areas in and around Fort White are exceptionally beautiful. Also, did you you know that many Tarzan movies were filmed at Silver Springs and in the Silver River? Sea Hunts and Creature of the Black Lagoon were also filmed nearby.

A perfect day in Fort White?

Swimming and kayaking in a freshwater spring or two. Exploring, photographing, and then having a glass of wine with my husband and friends. My husband was a chef for many years in Chicago and now he is a bread maker in Fort White so I like to see what he’s cooking up.

What is the best thing about Fort White?

The beauty of the place. The waters and the lush green foliage.

What is the worst?


What would be surprising about Fort White to an outsider?

How you find paradise in the springs and rivers out in the the middle of nowhere in North Central Florida.

If Fort White was a person or character who would it be?

Esther Williams.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

George Hurrell, Winslow Homer and Percy Sledge.


Name:Karen Glaser

City:Fort White

Favorite place to eat:

Our house, again my husband is a bread maker and he has a fabulous wood burning oven.

Favorite shop:

You’re not coming here to shop.

Local Tip:

Don’t come here between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The rivers get crowded with kids floating in tubes.

Must Do:

Swim in the springs, paddle the rivers, and dive in the springs. If you are a cave diver this is the place to be.