From Joy to Despair to Spring, the Five Stages of Winter

Yay, it’s winter! Oh god, it’s winter.


Stage 1: Excitement

Snowboarding, skiing, sledding, ice skating, hockey, snowmobiling, snowmen, ice fishing… winter can not get here fast enough!

Photo by Richard Gaston


You break out your cold weather gear.

Photo by Lorcan Finnegan


And you can’t wait to dive in.

Photo by Cody Howell


Stage 2: Extreme Winter Sports Bliss

The snow starts to pile up. You put on 27 layers of clothing and push your body to the limits.

Photo by Matt and Agnes Hage


You say things like: “A little snow won’t stop me from spending time outdoors”…

Photo by Garrett Grove


…and “hey, I can still surf in a wetsuit.”

Photo by Zak Bush


Stage 3: Acceptance

You marvel at how the snow makes everything feel more peaceful.

Whether you’re in the city.

Photo by Heidi Lee


Or the country.

Photo by Justin Capp


And then there’s a snow day and you’re like, OMG winter is amazing!

Photo by Jacob Johnson



Stage 4: Denial

But come February, it all gets a little too much to bear.

Photo by Richard Gaston


No matter where you look there’s snow everywhere. Seriously, it’s fricking everywhere!

Photo by Cody Howell


There comes a point where you’re like, what did the ground even look like?

Photo by Hudson Gardner


You wonder if it will ever end.

Photo by Topo Designs


Stage 5: Spring! (Maybe.)

Suddenly spring appears.

Photo by Nadine Mojado


You’re like, holy crap, look at all the green!

Photo by Tracy Zhang


You make a pact with the universe: No. More. Snow.

Photo by Derek Shapton


Of course it snows again. You’re all like WTF, I thought we had a deal?

But then the sun sets on all that white Mother Nature just dumped and you think, okay, spring can wait a few more weeks.

This is pretty cool.

Photo by Bradley Castaneda

This Yodel by Helen Anne Travis