Walk Around by Hudson Gardner in Lincoln

At first glance, Lincoln seems to be a mundane city without much to offer. For half of the time I lived here, I thought the same. Then I took a second glance and found a lot of beauty in such a small place.

Name:Hudson Gardner

Graphic designer


Walking around anywhere with a camera

Tell us about Lincoln:

Lincoln is a medium-sized town full of huge trees. In the summer the thunderstorms come blowing in and cool the air. In winter, the swaying branches of bare trees reach toward the sky. And in fall the air itself glows with the colors of the leaves. In spring, everything comes back with a vigor and long lines of birds pass overhead, landing here and there.

A perfect day in Lincoln?

70°F. Rain in the morning to cool the day off. Skinny dip in the swimming hole at the Dittman’s. Head into town for some ice cream in the Haymarket. Watch the sunset on a rooftop with some friends.

What is the best thing about Lincoln?

No one would think Lincoln is cool, but that’s because they are looking at it completely wrong.

What is the worst?

Extremely hot summers, extremely cold winters.

What would be surprising about Lincoln to an outsider?

How friendly everyone is.

Before I die I want to visit:

A land where the rolling fields meet the sea, and there are no paved roads, only footpaths, and everyone knows their neighbor and has enough time.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Mike Brodie, Pat Tsai, Pat Perry

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Name:Hudson Gardner


Favorite place to eat:

Sebastian’s Table

Favorite place to drink:

Bread & Cup

Favorite shop:

Open Harvest

Local Tip:

Walk in the alleyways. They are long, graveled, and beautiful. Walk the trails that will take you straight out of town. You can walk from the middle of the city into fields in less than an hour.

Must Do:

Ride from downtown to Pioneer’s Park.