NYC explorer by Patrick Santucci in New York City

I grew up in a small Irish community in the northern tip of the Bronx. When I attended school in Manhattan, I began exploring the surrounding boroughs. I currently live in an Asian community in Queens. It is an amazing place to explore new cultures and foods. These images are a small collection of moments I captured walking around Flushing Queens. This area has a huge concentration of Asian people and many are calling it the new Chinatown of New York. I tried to capture what Flushing is really like because it’s a place not many people would think to explore. It’s packed here. Every inch of the sidewalk is covered with human beings and stands selling anything you could ever imagine. If you think you can only get good Asian food in Manhattan, then you have never been to Flushing. The New World Mall, in the heart of this area, has a food court unlike any other.

Name:Patrick Santucci

Public relations at Sigma Corp of America


Camera collector: I collect and shoot with every type of camera I come across. I buy them off of auction sites, fix em and shoot with them. Every camera is unique. I like to explore what they are capable of.
Technology: I work in the photo industry. I love to learn about the new technology and how it works.
Travel: I will continue to explore the world until the day I die.
Ireland: The motherland.
Punk music and dirty dive bars.
My dog: My right hand, aka Bailey the Blue Doberman
New York City: Proud NY’er, born and bred. There are so many crevices of amazingness hidden throughout this city and my goal is to find them all.

Tell us about Queens:

Queens is the culture melting pot of New York, more so than any other borough. New York is unlike any other city in the world. Take the time to explore and you’ll see life here exists on so many levels.

A perfect day?

A warm spring sundown on the boardwalk of Long Island City, Queens. The sun will appear to sink into an avenue in Manhattan, and the sky will turn purplish red.

What is the best thing about Queens?

You are in New York City; almost anything you want is at your fingertips.

What is the worst?

You are in New York City; it’s crowded and forget about saving any money.

What would be surprising about Queens to an outsider?

We are not rude, we just value our time. If you are a slow mover, make way for the natives so they can do their thing.

If Queens was a person, who would it be?

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Talented and amazing, but everyone has their dark side.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

LCD Soundsystem, Ryan Russell, Kurt Vonnegut


Name:Patrick Santucci

City:New York City

Favorite place to eat:

Patsy Pizza of Harlem

Favorite place to drink:

The Knitting Factory

Favorite shop:

Local Tip:

Don’t be scared of the subway system. Read the map and keep your eyes down.

Must Do:

Walk from lower Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo, or drive over the 59th Street Bridge from Queens for unmatched views.