Music City by Alex Hart Ciaramitaro in Nashville, Tennessee

Alex Hart Ciaramitaro loves to connect with people through photography. His feed is full of life featuring the urban and natural beauty of Nashville,Tennessee and beyond. Follow along @mrciaramitaro!

Name:Alex Hart Ciaramitaro

Place you live: Nashville, TN

Occupation: Pathologist Imaging Representative

Preoccupation: Assistant Manager

Place your Instagram photos were taken? Nashville, TN

Can you sum up Nashville? Nashville is the new New York, the new Hollywood. You can make it or break it here, but it is guaranteed you will fall in love with this city. There are sites and celebrities to see but we treat everything and everyone just the same. We are a growing city, while keeping the small town feel, and with great southern hospitality. We are all different in our own way but all appreciate the influence of music. It is no longer known just for Country music; we can create pop stars, idols, and future legends. This city has had its fair share of heartache and pain but continues to recover and heal with the power of music. All forms of music flood the streets of downtown, submerging all the people and cultures with it. No matter the time, day or night, Nashville is Music City.

What is a perfect day in Nashville? Partly sunny and 79 degrees.

If Nashville was a person/character who would it be and why? Batman for two reasons. First, we as a city are normal people, but at anytime someone needs help we all become heroes. That is why Tennessee is known as the “Volunteer State.” Second obvious reason, because we are proud owners of the “Batman Building” aka The AT&T building.

How long have you been using Instagram? Two years and two weeks.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? I shoot with my iPhone 5s and Fujifilm X100T. Once in awhile, I will pull out the old Polaroid.

What is your editing process? Upload photos to Dropbox, download to my iPhone and then edit in VSCOcam or Instagram.

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? Yes definitely, I have to make sure everything I want fits in the “square” or center it.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Meet other local Instagrammers, they can help you become more creative. You are able to collaborate with them or simple model for each other. You can learn from one another.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? @hayden_scott, @andrewknapp, and @mrpimpgoodgame. Ha ha! (The last one is funny).

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Name:Alex Hart Ciaramitaro


Best place to eat:

Frothy Monkey

Best place to drink:

The Bridge Bar

Best outdoor activity:

Flyboarding with Defiance Flyboarding

Must do:

Watch a show at the Ryman Auditorium

Local tip:

Free parking downtown at Cumberland Park