Up Around The Bend by Devin Dunatov in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is probably known best for its hot summers, dry desert climate, and being a snowbird’s paradise. What I love most about my home though are the beautiful gems that are hidden throughout the state. One of my favorite places that I have been able to explore is Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ. This is an 800 ft. tall view of the Colorado river as it begins its journey through my home state of Arizona. The lookout here gives the perception of looking out through a wide angle lens. It is staggering, massive and so beautiful. One of my favorite times to visit this location is the end of the summer during the monsoon season. There are fewer visitors and if you’re lucky enough to visit after a monsoon, you will be blessed with multiple waterfalls that pour down the cliffside. It truly is a magical location and I am lucky to call it home.

Name:Devin Dunatov

Medical student


Making photos that bring to life the world around us. Traveling with my wife to places off the beaten path. Spending time outside with my black lab, Lincoln, and shepard-chow, Lola. Enjoying a fresh brewed coffee and a good book.

Tell us about Arizona:

Known for its heat and deserts, Arizona is filled with a beauty and fullness that is not appreciated by most. A short drive from California’s beaches, the White Mountains or the beautiful Mexican gulf, Arizona is home to some of the most diverse and robust surroundings. There are always adventures to be had and Arizona is an outdoorsman’s paradise. If you can make it through the mild 115 degree Phoenix summers, you will be blessed with a fall, winter, and spring that is rivaled by any other city.

A perfect day?

My perfect Phoenix day is waking to a cool morning breeze anytime between October and May. I love heading to my favorite coffee shop down the street and sitting with my wife and our dogs on the porch, each enjoying a fresh roast and a little light reading. We would then pack up a lunch and head out onto one of the many surrounding lakes for a day of fishing, water skiing, tubing and soaking up the sun. Dinner would consist of a night out to one of the many new restaurants in Arcadia, a young and vibrant part of town. We would take a stroll down the streets, which are filled with the smells of citrus blossoms, with a large ice cream.

What is the best thing about Phoenix?

The diverse cultures, the up and coming newly renovated areas throughout the city, the beautiful fall, winter, and spring months, as well as the beautiful landscapes.

What is the worst?

The summer and the snowbirds that flood the city during the winter.

What would be surprising about Phoenix to an outsider?

The most surprising thing to most people who visit Phoenix is the diversity of activities to take part in. Most people think that the desert is merely a barren wasteland, but they are pleasantly surprised by the variety of things to enjoy. From great food, to beautiful hikes, Arizona offers something for everyone.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Jay Maisel, Ansel Adams and Steven Spielberg



Name:Devin Dunatov


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

The Vig

Favorite shop:

Last Chance

Local Tip:

The best weather is in the winter, but that’s the high season for hotels/golf courses (it’s basically the opposite of most other cities). Therefore, I would visit on the fringes of summer (late spring, early fall) to enjoy the perfect mix of great weather and affordable rates.

Must Do:

Enjoy one of the many beautiful hikes that fill Phoenix and take a casual stroll during the spring in Arcadia when the orange trees are in full blossom.