MyPublisher x Aran Goyoaga – Giveaway

Our friends at MyPublisher make really cool albums and books with your photos.

Their Premium Albums are built with beautifully curated materials and have an array of detailed options that elevate beyond the average printed album/book. From leather options to page thickness and everything in between, you get to choose all the details.

These Premium Albums are top of the line quality and have a super professional esthetic while the ease of the layout process allows photographers of any level to create these masterpieces. Simply upload your photos and they design it taking into account your personal style preferences. Approve the design or request revisions then they’ll handcraft and ship you beautiful new album. Easy!

To give you an idea of just how cool these Premium Albums are, we teamed up with award-winning food writer, stylist and photographer Aran Goyoaga and asked her to create one using her beautiful photos and MyPublishers amazing design service. Here is what they came up with!

MyPublisher_Aran Goyoaga_06

Aran’s beautiful album is a limited edition. There are only two in existence. Aran gets to keep one and we are going to give the other away to one of you lucky Yodelers!

To win this one-of-a-kind masterpiece from Aran simply sign up for MyPublishers newsletter in the widget below. If you want there are a few ways to get additional entries through the widget as well. We will choose a lucky winner on June 9th, 2015. Good luck everyone! (retail value of $700)

After you enter the giveaway don’t miss Aran’s interview below.

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Name: Aran Goyoaga

Occupation? Author, food stylist and photographer

Preoccupation? Curiosity

Can you tell us something about you that most people don’t know? I constantly twirl my hair between my fingers and I think I might have outgrown an ice cream addiction.

What is your favorite thing about photography? The juxtaposition of movement and stillness and light and shadows. I see everything in frames.

Can you offer a few pieces of advice to aspiring photographers? To look for inspiration beyond the type of photography you do is probably the most important thing. Always carry a camera and train your eye to see things beyond the obviously beautiful, which is also the hardest thing.

What is the theme of your MyPublisher album made for this project? Northern Picnics, which is a compilation of food gatherings and picnics I have had in Iceland, Sweden and the PNW.

Why did you choose that theme? Picnics and impromptu outdoor gatherings are a big part of my life – have always been since I was a child. It reminds me of rainy days at my grandparents’ farm in the basque Country and sitting on their stoop with sandwiches and fresh figs from their fig tree. Just something about eating outside in the element and also being unfussy about it. In the Iceland picnic we had, we brought a gas stove, carried big pots and pans. We went all out. In Sweden it was different. We had both urban picnics and also country ones with foraged greens. The picnic in Seattle was all about crab.

What was the experience like working with MyPublisher to create your beautiful Premium Album? It was very seamless and quick. Also lots of customizable features.

What is your reaction to seeing your photography in a book format as opposed to online? It is always so much better to see photos printed as they take on another dimension of color, contrast and brilliance too.

What was your impression of the premium photo album MyPublisher produced for you? I liked how the images shine without the paper being too shiny. Also, the pages are made of thick stock and a great leather cover and binding. Definitely a keepsake.


  • Cynthia Y.

    Beyond a beautiful picnic. So lovely.

    • Jesse

      Thanks Cynthia!

  • Rania Maria Rönntoft

    Beautiful images, Aran is so talented, and the book looks stunning! Thumbs crossed that I win a copy 🙂 I cannot get the “Pin it” part to work though :/

    • Jesse

      Good luck Rania! Thanks for entering! Will look into the ‘pin.’

      • Rania Maria Rönntoft

        thanks, and thanks for hosting this giveaway! Please do. it’s like there is no image t pin.

  • Sabina W.

    What a lovely book! And… 9th of June is my birthday!

    • Jesse

      Happy birthday Sabina!

  • TamaraCasso

    What a lovely book! I teach a university course on Food and Culture and would be very pleased to share this book with my students.

    • Jesse

      Very cool Tamara! Best of luck on the giveaway.

  • Carol Hart

    I too am a photographer living in Seattle who would love to meet Aran one day. The book looks amazing and I would be forever grateful to have and enjoy it as a source of inspiration.

    • Jesse

      Good luck to you Carol! Thanks for entering!

  • Donna

    I am new to food photography and I am in awe of Aryans beautiful work. I want to be just like her when I grow up. (ha ha 57 years young)
    Also could not get the pin function to work, but I hope I am lucky enough to win this copy. Thanks for the wonderful offering.

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the nice comment. Good luck to you Donna!

  • Fidi987 .

    I am a beginner hobby food photographer and have collected inspirational photos from all kinds of food bloggers, hobby and professional food photographers.
    I often search Aran’s pictures before preparing a dish for a shoot to gather inspiration.
    This is a beautiful project and I would consider publishing something like this for everyone out there interesting in (improving their) food photography. 😉
    I am sure there is a market for this kind of book!

    • Jesse

      Great idea! Good luck to you.

  • kyuukouokami

    High-end luxurious photography never impressed me. It kinda dull to see something too perfect in this imperfect world.
    What I really love is homey and ‘warm’ photography shoot by people who understand the concept of imperfectness yet accept and allowed theirself to set everything up in the middle of warmth and joy.
    Well, that’s what I see in this book’s highlight. Something kind yet something warm and openly. I really hope that I can win this book copy. It’ll mean so much for me 🙂

    • Jesse

      We love warm and homey too! Good luck!!!!

  • Cynthia Y.

    Will you be showing the photo from the entire book for all too see, for those not chosen? My fingers are still crossed!

    • Jesse

      Good luck, fingers crossed!

  • Jesse

    BIG CONGRATS TO: Muriel Silva, you have been randomly selected as the lucky winner of Aran’s limited edition album. Please respond to our email within 72 hours to claim your prize.

    Thank you so much for everyone who entered! We really appreciate it. Stay tuned for another great MyPublisher giveaway launching next week.

  • Cynthia Y.

    Congrats Muriel!



Aran Goyoaga


Seattle, WA

Can you sum up Seattle?

The perfect balance of urban and massive nature.

Can you sum up the people of Seattle?

Unfussy, intellectual, looking for experience rather than accumulative matter, reserved and kind, lovers of potlucks.

Best place to eat?

So hard to decide because there are so many… The London Plane, The Fat Hen, Oddfellows, Sitka & Spruce, Delancey, Honore, Mamnoon, Ba Bar and many more!

Best place to drink?

Essex for the night and Milstead for the day.

Tips for the visitor?

Eat through the city, go see a show at night, hike the Discovery Park trail, have a picnic and watch the sunset at Golden Gardens.