Olaulim Backyards by Pirkko Fernandes in Olaulim, Goa, India

Global Yodel had the pleasure of staying at The Olaulim Backyards in Goa, India. The property is tucked away on the edge of tiny Pomburpa village, about 45 minutes from Goa India’s capitol, Panjim. Here you wake up with the sun and wild birds, a mist evaporates over the river and rice fields creating light every photographer dreams about. The showers and community kitchen are outdoors and the grounds are shared with a pony, donkey, bunny, three sweet dogs, and a ton of exotic birds. This location was strategically planned to be away from the temptation of Goa’s beaches and touristic hustle. Staying at Olaulim is like staying with family, Prikko, Savio and family (Olaulim Backyard’s owners) are kind, generous and hospitable. Their knowledge and passion of the area and culture is a resource guidebooks could only aspire to provide. Staying here you get to learn about local life and a culture different than your own.- A very gratifying type of traveling. To our delight and yours, they have decided to share their home by building three guest cottages on their property. 

Below is an interview with Olaulim Backyards owner and host, Prikko Fernandes.

Name:Pirkko Fernandes


Occupation: Homestay owner

Preoccupation: Being happy

Tell us about the history of the Olaulim Backyards. How did it all begin? Olaulim Backyards just kind of happened… we had been living here for the last ten years and always had lots of friends and relatives visiting from different parts of the world. We gradually started thinking of sharing our place with other people as well…


What is unique about the Olaulim Backyards? There might not be too many places where you have your breakfast with the company of a pony and a donkey.


Are there any activities that the Olaulim Backyards offers or recommends? We have a large body of water in front of our property, and it’s ideal for kayaking, canoeing and fishing. Also, you can go for cycling or walking on the quiet village roads.


Is there any wildlife around the Olaulim Backyards? There’s lots of birds around here so it’s great place for bird watching.

How many rooms are there? Tell us about them. We have three cottages, they are all different, and named after birds: Sunbird is more of a regular room, Hornbill and Golden Oriole are built around the rocks.

Why did you settle down in Goa? I love India, and Goa is a great place to live.

What is it like to live in Goa? Goa is a melting pot of cultures, it’s very easy going, and people are friendly and fun loving.

Describe your perfect day in Goa? Spending time with my family.

If someone was visiting Goa, what must they do?  They should take ‘susegad’ frame of mind, which means to take life easy and laid-back.


What and where is your favorite meal in Goa? Fresh sea food in a relaxed beach shack in Mandrem.

What is a little known fact about where you live? There’s much more to Goa than the beach.


What are your three favorite places in the world? India, Italy and the third one is still to be found.