Sonny by Anna Valley, Hampshire, UK in Anna Valley, Hampshire, UK

This was taken in a wheat field/woodland space close to the house I grew up in. As a student, I live in London but it’s not home.The strange-ness and naivety of village and small town life is far more interesting to me than life in any big city. I spend a lot of time hanging out with my nephew and best friend Sonny. We always end up here.

Name:Anna Valley, Hampshire, UK

Place you live: London and Hampshire, UK

Place your photo was taken: Anna Valley, Hampshire, UK

Occupation: Anthropology student

A perfect day in Hampshire? In Summer, walking around woodland at Bury Hill Fort and through the villages then swimming at the ‘sheep wash’ in Goodworth Clatford. Then walk to the Crook and Shears, an old 17th Century pub for home cooked lunch.