Taking Shape by Daniel Augschöll in Wiesen, Austria

I was driving in my car, when I saw the cloud taking shape above the trees. I stopped next to the road and ran into the field. I remember the wet grass and seeing the snow coming from the back of the valley.

Name:Daniel Augschöll

Place you live: I’ve been living in Berlin since 2010 but I was born in Sterzing, a small town between Italy and Austria.

Place your photo was taken: Wiesen, an even smaller village than Sterzing and the place where I grew up.

Occupation: Photographer, founder/editor of Ahorn Magazine, student.

Preoccupation: Bookmaking, editing, printing, photographing. Not necessarily in this order.

What is a perfect day in your village? Wake up early to make photographs at dawn in the mountains, back to the village to eat some freshly baked bread and then return home to get warmed by the wood stove.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Wade through a course of ice cold water coming directly from the river.

A perfect meal in the place you call home? Go to one of the typical mountain shelters to eat some traditional food like bread dumplings or spinach ravioli.

A little known fact about where you live? Once every two years the local library gives away books for free. This year I took about 70 books.