Old And New by Liu Miao in Shanghai, China

Skyscrapers are emerging everyday in Shanghai while there are still old buildings scattered around this city. It’s such a blending of old and new, East and West.

Name:Liu Miao

Place you live: Shanghai, China

Place your photo was taken: Shanghai

Occupation: Writer

Preoccupation: Photography

A perfect day in Shanghai? Wandering aimlessly in the French concession, this area hasen’t been invaded by skyscrapers.

For the visitor? Pay a visit to the Huangpu River, take a ferry to cross it, not the one with seats, but the ordinary cheap ferries, which only cost half  a Yuan (8 cents) for a ticket (it’s a coin).

A perfect meal? Snacks near Fudan University.

A little known fact? Of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, three are in Shanghai.

Your favorite place in the world? Hangzhou, for its beauty.