Orthodox Hat by Arielle Berman in London, UK

Photo is part of ongoing Jewish Orthodox Project taken at Brixton Market in London. The Jewish Orthodox Hat serves as cultural religious symbol.

I am examining what the hat signifies and references depending on the person wearing it. Furthermore, I am exploring people’s reactions in response to where the hat is worn, and how others respond to me wearing it.

The man on the left was so fond of the hat he plucked it off my head and in all seriousness proposed that we switch hats.

Name:Arielle Berman

Place you live: London

Place your photo was taken: Brixton Market (London)

Occupation: 4D Fine Art Student at Central Saint Martins

For the visitor? Go to a local market, preferably Brixton or Broadway Market. Go swimming at the Hampstead Heath swimming ponds in North London.

What and where is a perfect meal in London? Poached Eggs with rosemary at Leila’s Cafe.

A little known fact about London? You won’t find a true representation of life in London in Central London.