Rain Started To Fall by Jack James in Newton Kyme, Britain

The subject is my Girlfriend who at the time was playing with the water, letting it run through her fingers as rain started to fall. The photo was shot at the river wharf which flows for 97km through Yorkshire. My Hometown of Castleford is about twenty minuets from this spot and unfortunately doesn’t hold as good of a view to the eye. However you only need to drive a few miles to reach a completely different version of Yorkshire. This photograph represents more of the natural surrounding and what’s available if you search.

Name:Jack James

Place you live: Castleford, Britain

Place your photo was taken: Newton Kyme, Britain

Occupation: I’m a student and work in a skate shop.

Preoccupation: Viewing photographs from other artists.

A perfect day in Castleford? Wake up to the sun blazing down, meet some friends and go look for new spots to skate and experiences to document. Finish the night off with a few beers and wizard sticks with a bunch of friends. Or catch a train into Leeds and push the streets if you skate. No better feeling than being submerged in the city and its hustle and bustle. If you dont skate, grab a towel and hit the surrounding rivers for a picnic and wild swim. The landscapes available are definitely worth adventuring.

A perfect meal? Go visit Kada’s shisha bar which in Leeds. It does the best chicken and humus sandwiches.

Little known fact? The sculptor Henry Moore came form Castleford. He was instrumental in introducing a particular form of modernism to the United Kingdom.