Oranges And Lemons by Martin Wilson in London, UK

I’ve been all over this town, walking and cycling its streets to make this picture. From green leafy suburbs to desolate brown wastelands, piled high with scrap and rubble. From the sharp suited financial center and smart west end boutiques to grim east end industrial estates and noisy street markets. I’ve braved its traffic snarled roundabouts in grimy rain, and climbed its hills to watch the leaden river turn to gold in the evening sun.

But I didn’t take photos of any of these sights, I’ve just left them to my memories and your imagination. Instead I’ve made a picture that recites the famous London nursery rhyme, through the names of its streets. Each frame is taken in sequence so the film acts as a record of my journeys. Some of the streets touch on the life I’ve lived in the city; the road I was born in, places I’ve lived, my wife’s home before we were married, the site of my first school…

And it pretty much took over my life in the four months it took to make! Approx distance traveled, 1,000 miles.

Name:Martin Wilson

Place you live: London UK. I live in a suburb called Northwood (I like to call it “living on the edge!”) and I work in the centre of town.

Place your photo was taken: All over this town

Occupation: Book designer (slowly becoming a designer of ebooks, epubs apps etc!)

Preoccupation: Finding hidden messages in the urban jumble.

A perfect day in London? Riding through the park on a drizzly morning, the whole place to myself.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Cross the river as many times as possible.

A perfect meal? Welsh Rabbit and pickles with a glass of beer. By the fire, Sunday evening, with my wife.

A little known fact about where you live? By the back entrance to the building I work, there is a street lamp powered by gas from the sewers.