St. Patrick by Megan Mantia in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I am part of an amazing non-profit called Whoop Dee Doo and we’d been given a float to decorate as we saw fit for the city parade. Kyle Devine is a breathtaking performer/character in KC- it’s difficult to categorize him just a drag performer- he’s far more colorful and alive than anything you see at a typical drag show, but he is a cross-dressing force-of-nature.  This picture shows him pre-parade, as we all waited at 33rd and Broadway alongside high school bands, ren-fest dancers, and a sea of Liberty Tax people dressed as Lady Liberty. There is a great DIY mentality to everything we do, cost of living is cheap here and everyone works really hard.

Name:Megan Mantia

Place you live: Kansas City, Missouri

Place your photo was taken: Kansas City

Occupation: Documentary photographer/ project coordinator for artists

Preoccupation: movie-obsessor

A perfect day in Kansas City?  Helping friends out with some huge collaborative art project all day, then group dinner before dressing up really weird to go out dancing (with pictures taken every step of the way).

A perfect meal? A ‘Cafe Benny’ (poached egg on top of a large crab cake) for brunch at Cafe Sebastienne, the restaurant of KC’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

A little known fact about Kansas City? We are #21 on the most dangerous cities list in America but I really thought we were higher up because we have a lot of random violence here.