PCH by Stephanie Gonot in Malibu, CA, USA

I noticed this stoplight against the Pacific Ocean while making a wrong turn off of the Pacific Coast Highway one day.  I couldn’t get the image out of my head for a good week or two and decided that the only way to stop thinking about it would be to go back with my camera (I’ve now learned to keep a camera with me at all times).  You never know when a wrong turn will lead you to something strange and beautiful here in Los Angeles!

Name:Stephanie Gonot

Place you live: Los Angeles

Place this photo was taken: Malibu

Perfect day in your Los Angeles:  Hiking/taking photos in any of the beautiful natural areas Los Angeles has to offer, then heading to a neighborhood bar with friends.

What/where is your perfect meal? Taco truck fare (specifically TACO ZONE) after a night of drinking.

Little known fact about where you live:  Despite the traffic, Los Angeles can actually be a very pleasant and exciting place to live.