These Things Are Dying by Matt Miller in Blowing Rock, NC, USA

All around Boone these things are dying. These monuments of human life are decaying away in fields where progress has failed. Mother nature has begun her process of reclaiming what was once hers. I hope this image shows how beautiful these dying things are. Most people are too busy worrying about money and everything else. Death and the past become forgotten. I attempted to make something beautiful out of something decaying.

Name:Matt Miller

Place you live: Boone, NC

Place your photo was taken: Blowing Rock, NC

Occupation: Student/Photographer

A perfect day in Boone? A sunny fall day when all the colors bleed into the paints of a great landscape.

If someone was visiting what must they do? Take a drive down the two lane highways into some of the smaller towns surrounding the college town. Take a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway and go hiking.

A perfect meal? Get anything from Hob Nob Farm Cafe or Melanie’s. Melanie’s has great local ingredients (when applicable and available) and Hob Nob is just fantastic.

A little known fact? About thirty minutes down the road is where Nascar originated (Wilkesboro).