Ravalejar by Sara Sani in Raval, Barcelona, Spain

This big piece of paper is located on the side of MACBA, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Council wants to improve the perception of one of its most marginal and insecure inner city district: the Raval. The campaign seeks to project a more cohesive image of the neighborhood without losing its identity and personality.

The aim is to attract new visitors to the district and create a pride of belonging among its residents. The proposal to introduce a new verb, Ravalear (Ravalejar in Catalan), is meant to create a brand personality for the neighborhood: a way of life, of feeling, of doing things. The verb represents the edgy attitude and nervous energy of the Raval. Deliberately ill-defined and meant to be interpreted in your own way. To Ravalejar, simply visit and take in the atmosphere of the Raval.  Have fun in the wide range of bars and clubs.

Name:Sara Sani

Place you live: Barcelona, Spain

Place your photo was taken: Raval, Barcelona, Spain

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Growing old

Your perfect day in Barcelona? Spending time with my friends is perfect.

A perfect meal in Barcelona? Just behind my house is the Boqueria Market, where you can get all your local groceries.-Fresh veggies, meats cheese and fresh fish. I go there daily to prepare things at home with my friends.

A little known fact? Barcelona is actuallly very small in terms of how close everyone is, its like having a huge family of friends.