The Greatest City by Amy Lombard in Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY, USA

I am undoubtedly someone who thinks New York is the greatest city in the world. Why? The people. The Upper East Side to East Harlem, or even Coney Island to Brighton Beach. As you walk from one neighborhood to the next — it could be a matter of only 15 blocks — and it’s an entirely different world. I moved to New York when I was only 18 years old. I come from a very middle class, suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of West Philadelphia that didn’t have much diversity. When I first moved here, I was amazed by all the different neighborhoods, I wanted to explore and see everything. Photographing people in these different neighborhoods was, and still is, my way of making New York feel like my new home.

Name:Amy Lombard

Place you live: Brooklyn, NY

Place your photo was taken: Upper East Side, Manhattan

Occupation: Social Media at / student pursuing BFA in Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Preoccupation: Art, cats, the Internet, antiques, and any comedy on NBC.

A perfect day? Fourth of July festivities in NYC sum up what I would want in my ‘perfect day’ in NYC— fireworks, sparklers, hanging out with friends on rooftops, debauchery, suddenly everyone is your ‘best friend’ and wants you to come to their barbecue…  And above all, the streets are livelier than ever.

For the visitor? You must (emphasis on must) go to the Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Whether you’re a tourist or a true blue New Yorker—  you really cannot beat the view, it’s so beautiful. Hell, it’s romantic even if you are by yourself.

A perfect meal? I used to live a block from Mama’s— it’s a restaurant located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on 3rd and B. The constant smell of fried chicken would pain me that I couldn’t eat it everyday. It is basically huge portions of comfort food. Vegetarians excluded, who doesn’t love that?

A little known fact? I just moved to Greenpoint. For those not familiar with Brooklyn neighborhoods it’s also known as “Little Poland.”