Rainbow Noir by Lauren Everett in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is my hometown. This is how I see it. Many people think of the sunshine when they think of LA, but I think of nighttime, twilight, haze, and neon. It’s the time when the city has that enchanted feeling of possibilities and secrets.

Name:Lauren Everett



Music, tap dancing, neon, learning to ride a bike, and cats.

Tell us about Los Angeles:

It’s a completely amorphous and anonymous place that’s constantly changing. You can make it whatever you wish. In my life I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to visit every neighborhood in LA. It’s a universe.

A perfect day in Los Angeles?

Breakfast at Cafe 50’s in Venice before visiting the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Afterwards, drive up the coast to El Matador. On the way back, stop at one of the seafood places and hope that a reggae band is playing. Head back to town and get a drink at The Lost and Found.

What is the best thing about Los Angeles?

The incredible amount of different cultures that coexist here, sunset cruises with no traffic, the natural beauty of the beaches and hills, and tacos.

What is the worst?

Sorry to be obvious, but traffic and parking. People can also be a bit closed off.

What would be surprising about Los Angeles to an outsider?

That it has a very rich history. People tend to think of LA as a really new place, and it is in many ways, but it’s more than just Hollywood and mid-century houses. For example, Wyatt Earp used to drive his stagecoach down Main Street!

If Los Angeles was a person or character, who would it be?

Raymond Chandler, as portrayed by both Elliot Gould AND Humphrey Bogart.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Dan Flavin, and James Turrell.





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Name:Lauren Everett

City:Los Angeles

Favorite place to eat:

The Rose Cafe

Favorite place to drink:

The Lost and Found

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to cross town in a vehicle between the hours of 3:30 and 8pm during the week. Do ask some locals for directions to the best nearby taco truck.

Must Do:

Drive Mulholland at night and park somewhere for a few minutes to take in the view.