Southwest Montana by Becca Skinner in Bozeman

Becca Skinner lives in Bozeman, a valley surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. It’s a mix of young families, ranchers, outdoor-centered college folk and ski bums. The unique mix of people creates a great diversity of photo opportunities, which Becca beautifully capturers and shares at @beccaskinner.

Name:Becca Skinner

Place you live: Bozeman, Montana

Place your Instagrams were taken? Around Southwest Montana.

What is a perfect day in Bozeman? For me, it would be getting up early, having copious amounts of coffee and then dashing up into the mountains when the good light hits the hills. After climbing, hiking or fishing in one of the ranges, I’d come back to town, make a big dinner with my roommates and friends and drink beer from one of the local breweries.

If Bozeman was a person or character who would it be and why? I’d like to think of this place as an old cowboy who ranched and farmed the land in the interior West years before Bozeman started booming.

How long have you been using Instagram? I’ve been using it for a few years now. It’s a great platform for visual artists to network and share their art.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? I mostly shoot with my camera, but there are times when I just have my phone.

What is your editing process? I typically use a mix of Snapseed and VSCO.

Do you create images outside of Instagram? I do, indeed!

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? It hasn’t. I photograph my daily routine and the wild places I go but that’s always been a staple in my life.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? I’ve heard a lot of photographers complain about how Instagram has taken a lot away from photography. I think it’s much easier to go with the flow of technology, use it to your advantage, and use it as a tool to network with other photographers and companies. Also, don’t overthink it. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the number game of followers and “likes”, but that isn’t a reflection of your talent.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? @jimmy_chin@thenoisyplume, and @renan_ozturk.

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Name:Becca Skinner


Best place to eat:

Dave’s Sushi or Wild Crumb bakery.

Best place to drink:

Bozone Brewery

Best outdoor activity:

Fishing, climbing, hiking, and skiing. I couldn’t pick one – they are all top notch here, I swear!

Must do:

Rent a forest service cabin for a weekend or visit Norris Hot Springs.

Local tip:

If you love craft beers, this is the place. Try grabbing a beer from the Bozone, and then bike down to The Filling Station for a bluegrass show.