Running The Bund

China’s biggest city, Shanghai, is located on the central coast and is the epicenter of where new meets old. Instagrammer Yang Zhang takes us around the city by foot and bicycle. Follow along!

Place you live: Shanghai

Occupation: Tech startup founder

Preoccupation: Reading, Artificial Intelligence, Travel and Photography

Place your Instagrams were taken? Shanghai

Can you sum up Shanghai? For travelers, Shanghai has all the elements for exploration, combining the old and the new of China. There is plenty of delicious local food, trendy hotels and boutique stores. It is more convenient and refined than Beijing but it does not possess the same level of raw energy or cultural richness as Beijing.

What is a perfect day in Shanghai? Strolling in the former French concession area on a cool Autumn day.

If Shanghai was a person or character who would it be and why? I think Shanghai is a bit like an MBA graduate. Good looking on the outside but a bit boring and superficial inside. (Maybe I am a bit too skeptical about this.)

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? I shoot with phone, camera and drone.

What is your editing process? Phone: vsco + snapseed, camera: lightroom

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? There are some differences between Instagrammer and Photographer. I suppose what you mean here refers to someone who takes aesthetically pleasing photos and has a large following on Instagram. If that is the case, I recommend the following:
• Pick a unique theme or style that can set you apart from other people
• Keep learning photography. View thousands of good shots on Instagram and also check out famous photographer’s work.
• Keep shooting, with whatever devices. Ten thousand is definitely a magical number.

Who are your three favorite photographers? I am not intimately familiar with any photographers so I do not really have any favorite photographers but certain photos which do leave a lasting impression on me are from Henri Cartier-BressonRinko Kawauchi and Nomura Sakiko.

What is the most amazing travel experience you’ve ever had? Hiking Mount Fuji and watching the sunrise.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Either Middle East region or a safari in Africa.


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Best place to eat:
Jade Garden – authentic local food with great service

Best place to drink:

Botanist – variety of cocktail options

Best outdoor activity:

Morning run on The Bund – it is free and you get to enjoy the terrific scene without
the crowd!

Must do:

Get a massage at the Subconscious Spa on Fumin Road to relax.

Local tip:

Download Mobike app and rent a bike to cycle around the city center.