Seattle Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Michael Matti to Hilton Seattle Downtown to experience all that Seattle has to offer. The beautiful Hilton Seattle Downtown is located in the heart of the city and has incredible access to Pike Place Market, the waterfront, shopping, dining, and the attractions that make Seattle famous. Explore this beautiful Pacific Northwest city through Michael’s beautiful photography and insightful local tips.

Name? Michael Matti

Occupation? Photographer

Preoccupation? Hiking, Travel, Sports

Place you live? Seattle, WA

How long have you lived there? 4.5 years

Can you sum up Seattle? 
Seattle is such a great place to visit or live. The city is vibrantly full of amazing food, interesting sights, wonderful people and an abundance of outdoor adventure opportunities.

What is the best thing about Seattle? 
Seattle is full of diversity. The city offers such a wide variety of food and activities, plus there is a great balance of nature and city. You can be in a vibrant bustling city one minute, but then you can drive 20-30 minutes and be immersed in nature.

What does a perfect day entail in Seattle?
 I’d start the day by walking through Pike Place as all the shops are opening up and everything is fresh. Then I’d grab breakfast at a cafe or bakery close by (I’d recommend Piroshky Piroshky.) After that, I’d head a little outside of the city for a hike. When I arrive back to the city, I’d grab an afternoon snack or a dessert at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, and relax at one of the many parks in Seattle. For dinner, I’d explore Cap Hill and get some Thai food at either Jamjuree or Manao Thai Street Eats. After dinner, I’d go up the Columbia Tower as the sun sets and stay up there to watch the city lights come on, then head to Fremont Brewery for a drink to end the day.

What are the people like in Seattle?
 The people of Seattle are generally friendly, laid back, and accepting of everyone. They are people that love the outdoors and enjoy spending time in nature.

If Seattle was a character who would it be?
 Marshall Eriksen from the show How I Met Your Mother. He has an excitement about life and a certain zany charm that I think matches well with Seattle. He is easy going but stands up for the things he finds important and enjoys nature and food. He is willing to try new things and will do his own thing, not worrying about what others think. He loves people and cares about the environment, working as a lawyer for an environmental advocacy group. Last but not least, he has a fascination with Sasquatch.

Tell us about your experience visiting Hilton Seattle Downtown: I had a great stay at the Hilton Seattle Downtown. Check in was super easy and I was up to the room enjoying the wonderful view in no time. The hotel itself was in a central location with beautiful panoramic views and worked perfectly as a hub to explore the city and surrounding areas. The Team Members were welcoming and helpful and the breakfast was incredible. I even ordered breakfast in bed the last morning of my stay, which was wonderful.

If a friend was visiting Seattle for 24 hours what would you suggest them do? I’d recommend that they check in at Hilton Seattle Downtown, and then head out of the city for a quick hike up Rattlesnake Ledge. On the drive back, stop by Snoqualmie Falls for an amazing waterfall view. Freshen up back at the hotel and then head down to the waterfront for some dinner at Aqua, which has a great bar menu with outdoor seating right on the water. From there walk along the waterfront and head up the Columbia Tower as the city lights come on. After enjoying the view of Seattle from the tallest building in the city you can go back to Hilton Seattle Downtown. If you’re tired from the day you can just call it a night, but if you’ve got some energy left head to Capital Hill and walk around, stopping at one of the many bars, restaurants or cafes in the area.

In the morning, I’d recommend going down to Pike Place Market. You can grab breakfast at one of the bakeries or cafes or if you’re feeling something sweet, go to Anchorhead Coffee, which has delicious cinnamon roll waffles. After your walk in the city, and breakfast, you can head back to the hotel, check out, and continue on your adventure.





Best place to eat:

Aqua but for a quick bite either Paseo or Tacos Chukis

Best place to drink:

Fremont Brewery

Best outdoor activity:

Hiking one of the many trails just outside of the city. Rattlesnake Ledge is a personal favorite.

Best indoor activity:

Going up one of the tall buildings in Seattle, either the Space Needle or the Columbia Tower.

Local tip:

Take the time to dive into the neighborhoods outside of downtown. Each neighborhood has a distinct vibe and offers lots of unique eating, drinking, exploring experiences. Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill, and Georgetown are my favorites.

Best place to stay:

Hilton Seattle Downtown