Stay True by Jenna Magdalena Selby in Hertfordshire, UK

Croxley Green was one of the first skate parks to be built in the West Hertfordshire area (1998) – it is approximately seven miles from Kings Langley. As its name suggests it was generally used only by boarders, but six years ago the original wooden park was knocked down and replaced by a concrete set up. The new layout and surface no longer appeals to skaters, so now the park is mainly frequented by BMXers.

Name:Jenna Magdalena Selby
Place you live: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK
Place your photo was taken: Croxley Green Skate Park, Hertfordshire

Can you sum up the place you live?  Kings Langley is a large village situated in the green belt (preservation area to stop urban sprawl), 21 miles northwest of London. The village is a place of significant historical interest – It was once the location of a Royal Palace of the Plantagenet Kings of England. The Village’s 12th century Parish Church of All Saints houses the tomb of the First Duke of York.

Occupation: Photographer, Photoshop and Photography Lecturer, Owner of Rogue Skateboards

Preoccupation: Veganese film making skateboarder and computer geek!

A perfect day in Hertfordshire? A cycle around the village’s footpaths and woodlands, through the dell ending up at Woody’s vegetarian cafe in the canal marina in Apsley.

For the visitor? Visit and explore the countryside, take a picnic in the fields and visit Edmund de Langley’s tomb in All Saints Church – the building is beautiful. The village has retained much of it’s community identity, fending off the more mainstream retailers so a wander down the high street to sample the varied and individual shops is definitely a must.

A perfect meal in Hertfordshire? Always home cooked – favourite is a Thai green curry – spent with friends and family. If we were eating out, it would have to be Woody’s Cafe  – really good organic veggie cafe/restaurant – Favourite there is Mediterranean mixed veg and tofu in a rice crepe with a selection of amazing salads! Finished of with a vegan dessert for afters and then a walk back home down the canal.

What is the best thing about your spot? Close enough to London to visit but far enough away to still be in the countryside.

What is the worst? Countryside train service!

A little known fact about where you live? During the Black Death of 1349, the Kings Langley Royal Palace was used by Edward III as his seat of government. And Vinnie Jones used to open our school fetes (hard-man footballer – turned actor) – back then he was much better known for causing a ruckus on a pitch than for his footballing skills – always seemed a slightly strange choice of role model for kids!

Where is your favorite place in the world? Kettle’s Yard House in Cambridge. Cottages formally owned by the curator of The Tate which houses a collection of works of art – it’s somewhere I just feel at home and can never visit enough.