Waiting For Danny by Steve Eiden in Brooklyn, New York, USA

I found these three in the park on a walk I was taking one morning. I really love everything about them. When I walked up they were looking exactly like this, everybody waiting for Danny to finish writing his text message, and it only took a couple of seconds to ask if I could take their picture and then it was done. I didn’t have to explain why I wanted to do it or what I was going to do with it, etc., which one often does when making portraits in New York. So it was a perfect portrait exercise in that regard.

Name:Steve Eiden

Place you live: Brooklyn, New York

Place your photo was taken: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

Preoccupation: Our little daughter June

A perfect day in Brooklyn? Probably a weekend day, warm, flea markets & stoop sales, some money in my pocket.  Some drinks in the afternoon.

For the visitor?  I can’t even figure out how to properly entertain my parents when they visit, so…  everybody else is on their own.

What is the best thing about your spot?  We’ve started our little family here.

What is the worst? Everybody else in our little family is moving away or already lives someplace else.