#storytotell by Art Chang in Albany

We love following Art Chang as he explores the San Francisco Bay area. He beautifully captures the people, colors and scenery of Oakland, Berkeley and beyond. Follow the fun at @artchang.

Name:Art Chang

Place you live: San Francisco Bay area

Place your Instagrams were taken? Marin County, San Francisco, and Berkeley

Can you sum up the place you live? The San Francisco Bay area is an amazing place for a photographer to live. The weather changes from sunshine to thick fog, and has everything in between. You can start off in the bustling financial district of San Francisco and thirty minutes later be in a redwood forest along the coast. It’s just a quick drive over iconic bridges spanning a beautiful bay and the Pacific Ocean.

What is a perfect day in San Francisco? A hazy morning so the sunrise is beautiful, followed by a warm bright day, and then a bank of low thick fog rolling in from the coast covering everything but the tips of buildings and the taller hills and mountains around the bay area.

If San Francisco was a person or character who would it be? I couldn’t even imagine. It would be a person that loves to be in one of the major hubs of the world, surrounded by inspiring intelligent people, and who likes to escape to the serene outdoors.

How long have you been using Instagram? I started using Instagram in 2010. When I was starting one of my early startups we sat right next to the Instagram team, so I was able to play around with the app even in the early days.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? I’ve been a photographer for a long time, so I’ve definitely taken photos with many cameras. I post all my iPhone photos to Instagram but my other work can be found on my portfolio and elsewhere.

What is your editing process? I usually use Snapseed to adjust brightness and white balance, VSCO Cam for a filter, and the horizon adjustment in Instagram before posting. Nothing too involved there.

Do you create images outside of Instagram? As a photographer and a startup founder, I often photograph for a variety of different clients and my work goes to many different places. I often photograph weddings, engagement sessions, portraits, architecture, interior designs, as well as travel, product, and events. Some notable clients include Land Rover and PayPal.

Has mobile photography affected how you shoot? Mobile photography has been a big eye opener for me. I no longer feel that equipment is such a big factor in making a good photo. You can’t make a good photo out of nothing. Photography is about finding a story to tell, no matter what kind of camera you use to take it. The journey is such a big part of it and the community around Instagram has been an incredible source of inspiration and companionship.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Push the limits of your mobile photography and learn the tools, get to know and make friends with the community as this is a huge part of photography, and get out there and shoot to learn.




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Name:Art Chang

City:Albany, California

Best place to eat:

Little Star Pizza in Albany, and State Bird Provisions in San Francisco.

Best place to drink:

Fonda’s in Albany, Matrix in San Francisco, and Top of the Mark in San Francisco

Best outdoor activity:

Hikes around Marin County

Must do:

Sunrise over Vollmer Peak or sunset over Mount Tamalpais

Local tip:

A hot humid day in San Francisco usually means a beautiful low fog in the late afternoon. Bring a ton of layers to be prepared for hot weather and winter weather all in one day