Whitehorse Wilderness by Peter Mather in Yukon Territory

I live in a northern Canadian city called Whitehorse, Yukon. In the Yukon, there are around 35,000 people living in a territory the size of Spain. We live in the wilderness and it’s spectacular. Whitehorse is surrounded by mountains and the Yukon River is just off the main street. The scenery here is second to none, and we attract an array of professional photographers. I sometimes think that we have the highest per capita ratio of people to nature photographers….and with good reason. Wildlife and nature define our city.

Name:Peter Mather



Math teacher at a local high school.

Tell us about Whitehorse:

Whitehorse is a wilderness city filled with caring and kind people. Outdoor adventure is always just around the corner.

A perfect day in Whitehorse?

My perfect day is walking the river trail with my partner and our three kids.

What is the best thing about Whitehorse?

The best thing about Whitehorse is the access to wilderness and wildlife. In 15 minutes I can be on a trail in the middle of the forest photographing a loon nest. In one hour, I can be hiking to a glacier in the Coast Mountains.

What is the worst?

To reduce our carbon footprint we live in the middle of town, basically on an intersection of 12 lanes of traffic. My worst day would be sitting in the yard listening to diesel trucks and motorcycles drive by.

If Whitehorse was a person or character who would it be?

My city would be George Clooney: rugged, handsome and with a lot of depth and compassion.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

My current favorites are photographer Aaron Huey, photographer Jasper Doest, and local photographer Sonny Parker.



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Name:Peter Mather


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

The Dirty Northern

Favorite shop:

Mac’s Fireweed on Main street

Local Tip:

Walk the river trails.

Must Do:

Go for a midnight sun mountain bike ride on our awesome trails.