The Commute by Kristian Leven in London, UK

Londoners spend 38 minutes longer commuting to work than the average person. As someone who used to commute almost four hours everyday across London and back, I wanted to set up a series which summed up the journey I made.

Name:Kristian Leven



Street photography

Tell us about London:

It’s a wonderfully frustrating city – one you can have a love/hate relationship with. Since I’ve stopped having to commute (as I work from home now), I’ve started to see the best in London – the amazing array of bars, museums, restaurants, and just general awesomeness which I now really appreciate every time I head in.

A perfect day?

Starting off in Camden, and heading up to Primrose Hill for a picnic, and then heading to a pub in Belsize Park, before taking a train into the city to a new gallery or exhibition that’s just opened, and ending at an off-the-beaten track restaurant that everyone in the know is raving about. And then we have cocktails.

What is the best thing about London?

The amazing array of bars, museums, restaurants, and quirky exhibitions.

What is the worst?

The commute at rush hour.

What would be surprising about London to an outsider?

That there LITERALLY is something for everyone.

If your city was a person or character who would it be?

Jekyll and Hyde

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Alex WebbJames NachtweyRoger Deakin


Name:Kristian Leven


Favorite place to eat:

Pizzeria Pappagone

Favorite place to drink:

Bar 55 in Camden

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

Lots of cool stuff going on in East London

Must Do:

Walk along the South Bank