The Fortnight by Gareth Costello in Aberdeen, Scotland

The images are from an offshore oil installation where I worked. Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe and also yields the busiest commercial heliport in the world. Not many people get a glimpse of what life is like being offshore and I hope that the photographs give people insight into this.

Name:Gareth Costello

Offshore mechanic


Skateboarding, snowboarding, photography, traveling, hanging out and surfing with my little girl Dee.

Tell us about Aberdeen:

Aberdeen is known for it’s granite buildings and grey surroundings. It homes mostly oil businessmen and young professionals. It doesn’t seem to attract your common traveler as it is almost three hours north of the two biggest cities in Scotland. As one of the northernmost cities in the country, it sees only four hours of sunlight in the winter months.

A perfect day?

Hitting some of the spots in town for a skate with my friends or heading out of the city to the beach or hills.

What is the best thing about Aberdeen?

I guess it’s the same with most places! It’s the people there that make it special.

What is the worst?

During the summer, Aberdeen can often be hit with coastal haar (mist). It leaves Aberdeen looking like something out of Sleepy Hollow, but far less mystifying. It is more just incredibly dark and depressing!

What would be surprising about Aberdeen to an outsider?

I think the surrounding countryside would surprise people. Aberdeen is very industrial but if you drive half an hour out of the city, you can reach some really beautiful spots. Some of my favourites include Dunnotar Castle, Cruden Bay, Linn o’ Dee and Ballater which are very picturesque. Royal Deeside harbours some undulating hills, forests and vast surrounding countryside.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Mike Brodie, William Eggleston and Corey Arnold are up there with my favourite photographers.


Name:Gareth Costello


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

Blue Lamp

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

Dinnae eat yella sna (don’t eat yellow snow)!

Must Do:

Check out Marischal College, which is probably the biggest architectural feat of Aberdeen, maybe even Scotland.