The Other Sides of San Francisco by Mitchell Jordan in San Francisco

There are a lot of things published about San Francisco, so much so that many times people that have never been here feel they already know what to expect. However, there is much more to San Francisco than the cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. This video highlights just a few of the amazing things that can be found in hidden corners of the city or just a short drive from the city by the bay.

Name:Mitchell Jordan



Traveler, photographer, and amateur cinematographer.

Tell us about San Francisco:

I’ve been to a lot of places in the world but for me no other city (so far) has the perfect blend of nature and metropolitan quite like San Francisco.

A perfect day?

For me the perfect day is to start early with a nice breakfast and coffee and escape the city before the real hustle and bustle starts. No matter what time of year, there are numerous options for a quick daycation. I can envision any of those spots in my perfect day. My day would culminate with watching the sunset somewhere in the western part of the city such as Sutro Baths, Lands End Trail, or Baker Beach. Once the sun has set and the city has sprung even more to life, I’d head into the Mission neighborhood for world class cuisine, drinks, and if you’re lucky live music.

What is the best thing about San Francisco?

You can walk almost anywhere and each neighborhood is like it’s own unique village.

What is the worst?

Rent prices and homelessness.

What would be surprising about San Francisco to an outsider?

Like most cities, the best parts of San Francisco are those that only the locals know and like to keep secret. Do your research though and you can find these cherished places whether it’s a secret spot in the park, the best view of the Golden Gate, or a hidden speakeasy in the city center.

If San Francisco was a person or character who would it be?

Robin Williams because he’s known worldwide and is quirky, funny, innovative, intelligent, and has a giant heart but with a dark side.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Snohetta, Humans of New York, and Bon Iver.


Name:Mitchell Jordan

City:San Francisco

Favorite place to eat:

State Bird Provisions

Favorite place to drink:

Stable Cafe

Favorite shop:


Local Tip:

Skip the crowds at Twin Peaks and walk to Corona Heights Park instead.

Must Do:

Try and visit every neighborhood to get a feel for the diversity of the city.